How do I change my interactive shell?

Once you've logged in, check the path for your desired shell with

$ which fish

Replacing fish with the the shell you want. In this case, the path will be /usr/local/bin/fish Now, run:

$ EDITOR=nano chsh

Change the Shell line to read:

Shell: /usr/local/bin/fish

Save and exit. You'll need to log out then back in.

How do I change the index page of my site?

Because of the way httpd(8) is set up, you'll need to ask in #institute or send an email to admins@tilde.institute

Can you install this package for me?

As long as it's in the OpenBSD ports tree, and doesn't facilitate any potentially malicious behavior (like nmap), then it's probably not a big deal. Either hop on IRC and ask in #institute or send an email to admins@tilde.institute

If you compile something on your own that you know you shouldn't be running (like a cryptocurrency miner), then you can expect to be summarily ejected from the server.

How do I authenticate with SMTP remotely?

Only local access to SMTP is allowed. However, you can use an SSH tunnel on your machine to send mail.

ssh -nNTL 25:localhost:25 tilde.institute

You won't need to supply a username or password when sending mail via localhost:25 this way, since you're already authenticated via SSH.

Can you whitelist a port for me in the firewall?

Sorry, but this presents too much of a security risk on a public-access system.

Are user services allowed?

Yes. If you're running something that's using a ton of resources or in some way affecting other users or the general use of the system, then we'll either renice it or kill it. Just be aware of what you're running and how it may affect the system and other users, and if something heavily utilizing the CPU, please renice the process.

Are IRC bots allowed?

Yes, though there are restrictions on their use on the tilde.chat IRC network. They should not reside in #meta, instead keep them in a private channel or in #bots. Bots must also conform to the bot guidelines listed here.