Welcome to tilde.institute, a public-access UNIX system running OpenBSD. This is a space for people to explore the OpenBSD operating system, in addition to exploring the more social aspects of a multi-user UNIX system. Gopher and web space, IRC, games, and more are available!

User sites are accessible via https://<user>.tilde.institute

A list of user gopherholes is available at gopher://tilde.institute

User git repositories are at https://git.tilde.institute

The mailing list will be the primary means of communication between tilde.institute admins and users regarding announcements and critical issues. Web archive and subscribing information available here.

The following services run directly on the server:

The following services run on separate VMs:

IRC clients:

The compilers and interpreters available are:

The shells available are:


2023 August 07

Upgraded to OpenBSD 7.3

2023 April 03

Inspircd has been moved back off of the main machine because of a unicode-related crash on OpenBSD. Please use institute.tilde.chat:6697 or irc.tilde.chat:6697 (both TLS only). Also, re-enabled the signup form.

2022 October 19

Inspircd has been moved back onto the server. You may connect via localhost:6667 (no tls).

2022 June 18

Upgraded to OpenBSD 7.1. Let us know on IRC if you see anything misbehaving or broken.

2020 December 12

Rakudo and MoarVM have been updated to 2020.11

2020 October 29

Upgraded to OpenBSD 6.8!

2020 July 04

Mail has been switched from the mbox format to maildir. Mail will now be delivered straight to your home directory, into ~/Maildir. You'll need to update your mutt configs:
set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder="~/Maildir"
set mbox="~/Maildir"
set spoolfile="~/Maildir"

I've installed a script to convert your mbox file to maildir. Just run this:

mb2md -s /var/mail/$USER -d ~/Maildir

alpine has been rebuilt with the maildir patch.

2020 June 08

Added a new IRC client: catgirl

2020 June 06

The upgrade to OpenBSD 6.7 was successful! The list of languages has been updated with the new versions that are available.

2020 May 03

Redesigned the site. News entries are moved to a more visible location, switched to a more readable color scheme, and got rid of the logo image in favor of just text.

2020 May 02

git repos can now be served via git.tilde.institute from your home directory! To get started, check the wiki page.

2020 April 17

Some ssh host heys were regenerated and I also deployed SSHFP records. If you receive an error related to this when connecting, remove the old host key fingerprint:

ssh-keygen -R tilde.institute

Then connect and tell ssh to check the sshfp records:

ssh -o "VerifyHostKeyDNS ask" <user>@tilde.institute

2020 April 14

Upgraded to OpenBSD 6.6. Everything went smoothly. Enjoy!

2019 July 30

The server migration happened over the weekend, and there were very few issues resulting from the migration. Success!

2019 July 04

We'll be moving to a much larger and more powerful server soon! Currently building it. We're hoping to have everything ready for next week.

2019 June 06

Wow, we've hit 150 users! Also, we'll be upgrading to OpenBSD 6.5 on Monday evening around 10:00 PM US Eastern Time, or 2:00 AM UTC (Tuesday).

2019 March 14

Welcome to the team, Kneezle!

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